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PrimeTime’s School-Age Child Care Program

Our mission is to provide flexible, quality child care in a home-like setting, at an affordable price. Our program is structured, yet offers a wide variety of activities in an active and nurturing

environment for children of all ages.


Before School Program:                                               7:00am - 8:45am

  - Located in all Cranford Public Schools


After School Program:                                                     2:30pm - 6:30pm

  - Transportation provided to PrimeTime


AM Kindergarten Wrap-Around:                                  11:00am - 6:30pm

  - Transportation provided to PrimeTime          


Vacation Day Programs:                                               7:00am - 6:00pm

Early Bird (Before School Program) 


The Before School program is offered to all students that are enrolled in the Cranford Public Schools. Parents can drop off their child(ren) with ease at their child's individual school each morning. The program starts as early as 7:00am and the children are walked down to their classrooms at instructional time. Table games and other activities are readily available for children when they arrive. 

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Before School Program

Locations in each School


  • Bloomingdale - Gym

  • Brookside - Gym

  • Orange Ave. - Cafeteria

  • Hillside Ave. - Cafeteria

  • Walnut - Gym 


  • Livingston - Library

After School Program 


Children registered with our aftercare program gather at designated locations within each school upon dismissal. All children are signed in and supervised by a PrimeTime staff member both at the school while waiting for the bus, and on the bus during transportation to our main location. Once at PrimeTime, snacks are given out and all children report to their groups according to their grade level. Arts and crafts, board and table games, cooking lessons, and other organized activities are set up for the children on a daily basis. A quiet room is also conveniently available for children to do their homework. Private, one-on-one tutoring can be provided at an additional cost.

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Daily & Weekly Activities

  • Arts & Crafts 

  • Physical Activities (Organized 45 minute sessions in our full size Gym daily)

  • Community Service Projects

  • Homework Room

  • Free Play in a relaxing atmostphere

  • Outside Enrichment Programs

Kindergarten Wrap Around


Kindergarteners enrolled in the Cranford Public School system are bussed upon dismissal from morning session kindergarten and are brought to PrimeTime. Children are cared for by qualified staff while waiting at the school and during transportation. Upon arrival to our main location, children are offered a wide variety of age appropriate activities. Such activities include: science, cooking, arts and crafts, team building games and physical education.

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Daily & Weekly Activities


  • Physical Activities

  • Lunch Time

  • Enrichment Activities

  • Homework Room


  • Free Play with Friends

Vacation Days


PrimeTime follows the calendar of the Cranford public school district and continues to provide care on a majority of the days when the schools are closed. Children and staff will occasionally go on field trips on these “vacation days”. Our program also provides coverage to children on half days. These days are not accounted for in the required 180 district days of school, and are therefore, an additional fee.


Friendly Reminder


PrimeTime does not operate on days when schools are closed due to inclement weather or other unforeseen emergencies.

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